Brentwood’s Promise Banners

Brentwood’s Promise Banners – a local legacy for the Coronation of King Charles III

The Promise Banners are four fabric artworks co-created by people in Brentwood with artist Becky Vincer, as part of the local coronation legacy.

Becky faciliated workshops for families at a festival, local creative adults, a SEN youth group, a YMCA and a shopping centre. Their Promise Banners were exhibited, in an empty unit at The Baytree Shopping Centre, as part of the Brentwood Art Trail in June 2023.

Each banner has a theme inspired by the four national flowers of the UK, which make up King Charles III’s coronation emblem, the rose (England), the daffodil (Wales), the thistle (Scotland) and the shamrock (Ireland).

The Rose Promise Banner

The Endeavour Youth Group, for young people with special educational needs, explored the theme of equality. Their promises encourage people to be open minded, respectful, and understanding. Their banner features the rose which symbolises love and unity.

The Thistle Promise Banner

Residents at the YMCA in Brentwood created a banner featuring the thistle, a symbol of resilience and determination. Their promises share ideas for ways in which you can take care of your own wellbeing.

The Shamrock Promise Banner

Becky hosted free workshops for adults at Merrymeade House, where the shamrock banner was designed and created. Participants used the symbol of faith, hope and love to talk about community spirit and made promises that have been included in the design.  

The Daffodil Promise Banner

Visitors to the Coronation Festival on 8 May, at King George’s Playing Fields, contributed drawings of daffodils which signify renewal and energy, and they made everyday promises to help the environment. Becky has used both their drawings and promises to create the banner.

Becky Vincer was commissioned by Brentwood Borough Council and this project was funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

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