A Gift For Dunton Hills

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been commissioned by Brentwood Borough Council and Essex Cultural Diversity Project to co-design a gift for future residents of Dunton Hills Garden Village, which will sit within the Brentwood Borough, close to Basildon and areas of Thurrock

I will work with children, young people and community groups to co-design a picnic blanket that features recipes, stories, quotes and illustrations.

The project will gather and amplify a multitude of cultures and voices through creativity, and encourage people to connect with others and enjoy food together. Food by its nature is rich in cultural and personal histories that will be shared and celebrated through creative workshops and the final artwork.

Over the next few months, I’ll deliver fun, accessible workshops, gathering a wide range of inspiration for the picnic blanket; using creative activities she will ask participants to consider their experiences of sharing food with others: Who do you eat with? Where do you eat? What do you eat and drink? Where do the recipes come from? There will be opportunities to make, share and enjoy food together as part of the creative process.

As a gift for future residents, the picnic blanket will celebrate diversity, culture and community, offering a mutual talking point and conversation starter to bridge connections between new neighbours. We hope it will encourage a collective sense of ownership, as the picnic blankets would be used and seen in shared green spaces in and around the Dunton Hills Garden Village.

Please check back for updates as the project unfolds.

“The Council is keen to embed community identities into the new garden village and engage residents in place-making and we are thankful to Arts Council England and Homes England, who have provided funding to enable this creative endeavour. We hope Becky’s commission will assist the borough and others in welcoming the village’s new residents, making them feel part of the community and connected to their new neighbourhoods.”

Councillor Garry White, Chair of Housing Committee

“Partnership is at the heart of Essex Cultural Diversity Project’s work, and this is a great opportunity to continue our creative collaboration with Brentwood Borough Council, to support artists and communities from diverse backgrounds as part of our ongoing programme of place-based commissions”

Indi Sandhu, Creative Director and CEO, Essex Cultural Diversity Project

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