Februllage 2021

A month of collages created for Februllage 2021, an annual online event for the collage community. Februllage is organised by the Edinburgh Collage Collective, in 2021 I took part in 15 of the prompts. In order these were: Triangle, Jungle, Bug, Leaves, Sea, Feathers, Canary Bird, Paing, Chair, Shout, Disco, Book, Teacup, Hair and House

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Postal Collage Kits, Harrow Arts Centre

I was commissioned by Harrow Arts Centre to create fifty postal collage kits for people to use at home during the January 2021 national lockdown. Participants made thank-you cards for an everyday hero from their community for being awesome, resilient or kind. Each kit was personalised with a printed photograph of the person they were… Continue reading Postal Collage Kits, Harrow Arts Centre

Copse Play, Primary School Climate Change Collages

Just before October half term in 2020 I led a series of 30 minute workshops for Year 1 and Year 4 pupils from two primary schools who share use of a small woodland in Newington, Ramsgate. The workshops took place with extra care for social distancing with small groups and plenty of hand sanitsier. The… Continue reading Copse Play, Primary School Climate Change Collages

Keith Haring Arts Week at Riverview Infants School

In October 2020 I created a series of instructional videos for teachers and pupils to follow without me being physically present. Children in Foundation year learnt how to doodle, Year 1 drew dancing figures and Year 2 made giant cut outs - all in the style of Keith Haring. You can view the videos below.… Continue reading Keith Haring Arts Week at Riverview Infants School