Hello! Badge Swap Shop | Platforma Family Day, Gulbenkian

A full day drop-in workshop at The Gulbenkian in Canterbury as part of Platforma 5, a festival which supports and develops arts by, about and with refugees and migrants.

Workshop Aims

  • For participants to share, celebrate and learn about different languages including the visual appearance of alphabets from around the world.
  • To get children and their families thinking about how to communicate in different languages and the challenges that might bring.
  • To give strangers a commonality to connect with at the event
  • To learn and make art together.
  • To have fun.


  • Participants of all ages and abilities were invited to create a pin badge which said ‘hello’ in any language. Using brightly coloured papers, pens, alphabet stickers and a user friendly badge making machine.
  • Participants added their badges to the ‘Badge Swap Shop’ (hanging fabric banner) and then selected someone else’s ‘hello’ badge to wear and take home.
  • Participants were encouraged to spot other people wearing a ‘hello’ badge at the event and to then say hello, perhaps even in the language of their new badge!


  • Participants created awesome ‘hello’ badges and took them home.
  • There was a changing display of ‘hello’ badges created by participants in a range of different languages.
  • Visitors to the event were connected and had a reason to say ‘hello’ to one another.
  • Participants were able to share and celebrate different languages and alphabets with each other.
  • People had lots of fun!

“I feel like a kid again!”

Parent participant

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