Young History Makers | Horsebridge Arts Centre


The Project
The Horsebridge Arts Centre has partnered with Canterbury Archaeological Trust and Whitstable Community Museum Group to offer a unique opportunity for young people to work alongside archaeologists, historians, and artists to rediscover the history of the local Roman ‘pudding pan’ pottery and create contemporary pieces of art work inspired by them.

The project will involve a core group of 13 to 25 year olds that will guide and participate in the project over 8 months. There was also a Summer School of workshops in August 2019.

I’ll be delivering workshops across both elements of the project.

Summer School- Badge Making Workshop
This badge making workshop was inspired by the notion of ‘passing on’ something good, just like the ‘pudding pans’ were passed on. During the one-hour workshop I challenged Young History Makers from Whitstable, Kent aged 9- 14 years old to create badges with positive messages for local people. They created a mixture of designs for people they knew, such as ‘good luck’ for a nervous friend starting secondary school, as well as making badges for people they were yet to meet with messages including ‘thank-you’ and drawings they thought might make people giggle like a dabbing cactus.

“This is the most engaged they’ve been for the summer school so far- they didn’t want to leave!”
Nicola Priest, Project Manager and Workshop Facilitator, The Horsebridge Whitstable

More workshops coming soon…

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