Yayoi Kusama | Boughton Monchelsea Primary School

Animate Arts Company

During the school’s arts week I led an assembly to introduce Yayoi Kusama and then set them all the challenge of creating a whole-school installation inspired by the artist’s infinity rooms.

On the Monday I spent 30 minutes with each class in Year R to 5 and helped them began to create cardboard and paper objects which they completed during the week. On the Friday I returned to the school to help a group of Young Arts Leaders from Years 4 and 5 to curate the objects made by each class. Together we created an ‘Infinity Pathway’ with polka dot sculptures on each side.

The installation was then open to all classes and parents/carers to visit, on arrival the Young Arts Leaders gave each visitor a strip of dot stickers so that everyone could contribute and help grow the installation.

“Everything we have made is colourful but in its own unique way, which was important to me. We could see everyone’s personality” 

Young Arts Leader

“The Big Build is a bit of freedom away from classes, it wasn’t noisy like our class. We listened to music while we painted, and I felt relaxed” 

Young Arts Leader

“I liked that I got to work with other classes which we don’t normally do” 

Young Arts Leader

“The Kusama project was a brilliant way to introduce children to a new artist and style of working, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Becky’s artistic skill and ability to communicate clearly with the children helped them to produce art works they could be proud of. “

Ruth Roberts Headteacher, Boughton Monchelsea Primary School

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