English Magic Printmaking | Turner Contemporary

Artist Facilitator

Share a skill with visitors as part of First Friday: Folk at Turner Contemporary.

Inspired by the Jeremy Deller banners and William Morris pieces that were part of the exhibition English Magic I designed and led a collaborative printmaking workshop. Visitors cut out their own William Morris inspired shapes and used rolling-pin flower stamps I had created to decorate a section of the banner.

I also invited visitors to submit a statement inspired by the exhibition into a raffle, at the end one was selected at random to be added in felt letters. The ‘winning’ statement was: ‘If I can’ and the banner was given to the person who submitted the statement to keep.

Statements that were also submitted included:
‘Make it like Morris’    ‘What is our net worth?’    ‘Get off me car!!!!!!’    ‘If you don’t take any risks you don’t get any treats’    ‘We don’t want Farage’   ‘Be Strong’    ‘Living is easy with eyes closed’    ‘Better than Costa’

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